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week 14 and 15

April 15, 2010

Week 14 and 15 were marked by the anniversary of my miscarriage and my birthday. After such a heartbrreaking and painful birthday last year, we decided to splurge. I’ve always wanted to do one of those murder mystery weekends. It was expensive but fabulous. We were impressed with the caliber of the entertainment, and the buffets were a hungry, but finicky pregnant woman’s dream.

I also got to sport some of my cute maternity clothes including a fabulous little black dress I got from freecycle. Pregnant as I looked, not one person asked or mentioned it at all; maybe the gray strands in my hair made them second guess my bulging belly. I was kicking myself for not telling people our exciting news; afterall, what more perfect opportunity to have fun telling lots of complete strangers! Instead we left everyone thinking we are boring middle-aged people with absolutely nothing remarkable or interesting going on in our lives.

As I entered week 14 I had noticed an increase in appetite. I only feel nauseous when I wait too long to eat. My belly fills quickly, so it is hard to keep on top of food intake. Also acid reflux and heartburn are now a real problem. I stopped taking my calcium supplement because I take a few tums every day.

I’m also noticing now that my “sit down and stare at the ceiling” time starts earlier. I wake up with energy and am able to do stuff for a a few hours (currently from about 7 until 11:30 but it used to be 1:00) So its getting a lot harder to get things done during the day.

The results of the genetic testing came back. I am a carrier of Tay Sachs, a disease that most often results in death by age 5. Fortunately, John is unlikely to be a carrier, and even if he is, there is a 75% chance for each baby that they will not get it, since it is a recessive gene that causes it. Thus, we are hopeful that they will both be unaffected.

We’re having fun telling more family and close friends. The reactions usually are along the lines of “holy crap!” We’ve also gotten, “yay!,” “awesome!,” “better you than me” (that said by my 86 yr old grandmother), and gasps.

I just got a ton of stuff from our good friends with a 2 month old daughter- clothes, books, & diapers. It is fun & exciting to be starting to collect some babythings. 🙂


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  1. Jessica permalink


    I am absolutely THRILLED for you !!!!!!!!!! *grinning from ear to ear*
    Please email me your phone and email address so I can get more details!
    send to

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