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Week 16

April 26, 2010

For the most part, I’m feeling really good, my energy has returned a bit, I no longer have any stare at the ceiling time at all, and am still not taking naps. Of course my pace is slower than my non-pregnant self, and I usually do stop trying to do stuff mid-evening.  Some new things are popping up making me feel more, well, pregnant. My ankles and belly are competing for some sort  of swelling honor.  Speaking of swelling, I had to break down and buy a new bra this week, I’ve gotten by ’till now on extenders. It occurred to me that holding these bad boys up could be as likely a source of my backpain as my swelling abdomen. The backpain is sharp and nagging, and my only significant discomfort right now, it especially bothers me while I’m trying to get to sleep.

Today is the last day of week 16 and I saw the doctor. 2 heartbeats, yay! Next week we have a big sonogram, the anatomical, and will find out if the babies are the size they should be, how the organs are progressing, and maybe, just maybe their genders! 🙂 I’m very excited about that last part, & a bit nervous on the other stuff. I have been growing, and hopefully they have been getting what they need from their newly  finicky mom.


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  1. How exciting! Hope that the u/s goes well – totally hanging out to hear about the gender! Em

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