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Week 17 drawing to a close

May 3, 2010

When I saw the Dr. early this week, she said twins at 17 weeks is like being 24 weeks pregnant with a single baby. I feel a little cheated of the 2nd trimester “honeymoon” phase where you basically feel your best , since it’s after the nausea and  before the whole beached whale phase starts. I think my “feeling my best” phase lasted maybe 2 weeks.

My back pain got a lot worse this week!  At night is the worst though, I sleep in a semi-sitting position propped up on 6 pillows, and wake up frequently in agony.  I know I need sleep, so this really sucks. The reflux hasn’t been much fun either, but at least my back and stomach are consistent, they both want me to be sitting UP.

The backpain and extreme episodes of it have decreased a little since I switched back to my old bras.  (The super expensive new bra seems to be hurting more than it’s helping, so I’m taking it back today.) Support seems to be the issue, I’ve grown 2 sizes in both directions and they are HEAVY! Sleeping in my bra seems to help a little too. I’m thinking about trying specialty pillows and the belly support belt next (too bad they don’t make a booby support belt! 😉  )

2 friends continue to generously give us hand-me-downs, including bassinets, clothes, books, bedding, etc. 🙂 Collecting stuff is not only fun but is solidifying this in my mind as ,”yes, this is really happening!”

I got my quad screen results back; they came back normal. (We are SO glad!!) Tomorrow starts week 18 and is the day of the big ultrasound!!


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