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How about 1 of each?

May 4, 2010

Well, I thought they were just allowing for extra time when they said the anatomial ultrasound for twins would take about 2 hours, but it really was. Of course the time goes by fast with such riveting entertainment!

Both babies look healthy! 🙂

Baby A resides on my left side and is “almost certainly” a girl. She is the size of a 20 week fetus. (Today was day one of week 18.) This puts her in the 75 percentile. She weighs 11 oz. Her heartrate was 140 bpm.

Baby B resides on my right and is definitely, and without a doubt, a boy. He is the size of a 19 week fetus, which is the 61 percentile and weighs 9 oz. His heartrate was 143 bpm.

We are very relieved that they are doing ok so far,  and are excited to know more about who is in there! John and I will have a challenge picking out a mutually agreeable boy’s name. But at least since it is one of each Romulus and Remus are out. <thank good ness!>

I will be having ultrasounds every 4 weeks from here on out, not including the mini ones my doctor does at appts. to check their heartrates.



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  1. Susie Jackson permalink

    We are so excited for you! What a blessing (er, double blessing!) for you and John! Many, many thoughts and prayers from South Carolina 🙂

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