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Week 18 – about halfway!

May 11, 2010

Today is the last day of week 18 and boy, I sure am feeling pregnant! My belly is getting BIG and  I am getting tired. Of course not sleeping well at night is definitely contributing to my fatigue.  During the mornings I have some energy and after that I do more sitting than getting stuff done. I managed to work close to 4 hours yesterday on my PT consulting work, though not all at once, and not much else.  Everything feels heavy: my belly, chest, and legs. Everything is puffy too! I’m pretty good about elevating my legs during the day but am using every pillow we own to prop myself up at night, I guess I’d better buy more pillows so I can prop my feet up at night too, and so John can have a couple.

Term for twins is 38 weeks, they generally induce at that point. 35 weeks is more typical, which means I’m more than halfway there! So we are guessing they will arrive between the last few days of August and the first week or two of September. Thus, not only might Aunt Jen get her wish for another niece and her first nephew for her birthday, but these may also be Rosh Hashanah babies.  (the Jewish New Year.)

I met a fellow blogger and pregnant mom of twins for lunch this week; it was fun and was neat to hang out with someone in my same situation who can relate first hand.  She gave me some good tips since she’s further along than I am.

The backpain is getting worse. It bothered me mostly at night before, but its starting to feel bad around the clock. I need to employ more of the techniques recommended, such as a heating pad and prenatal yoga.  I’m starting to feel some sciatica pain as well, <sigh>.   I have 4 months give or take left and boy I have a feeling its gonna seem like a long time!

That said, it isn’t a lot of time to do all the things we need to before the babies come, especially with my decreased energy levels, and giving some of my precious energy  to my consulting and volunteerwork. I feel like I should try to bring in whatever little bit of money I can, and really want to tie up this Sierra Club project for a nice feeling of closure to my approximately 10 years of service. I don’t want to end with me flaking out on this big project they are counting on me for, as I don’t deserve to be remembered that way. Nevertheless,  I’m getting overwhelmed about how much we need to do and that we are no where close to where we’d hoped to be by now to get it all done. For ex. my 2 tasks for April were to buy a car and organize my “office” so that once John redoes the basement it will be easier (ok, reasonable) to move everything in it down there. It’s mid May and neither of those tasks is done, plus the house in some ways looks worse not better as I cannot keep up with it.

I think it will take John 2 or 3 weekends to do the basement plus moving all the furniture around. Then it will be time to clean and paint my office to morph it into a nursery.  I expect that part to go smoothly.  We have paint already, a  neutral color low-VOC paint with a yellowish hue and a hint of peach and tan.  It is suspiciously identical to the color of our kitchen (we bought too much and the stuff was expensive, so we’re using it whether it’s a typical babyroom color or not).   I have picked out gender neutral wallpaper border that goes with it.  It’s super cute with these brightly colored whimsy bugs: green snakes, purple spiders, orange ladybugs, bumble bees, and  blue and green butterflies- what more perfect border for the children of environmentalist integrated pest management (IPM) consultants?! Though John has me second guessing myself as to whether or not wallpaper border is a good use of our funds.

The stuff I’m really stressing over is getting the house decluttered to make room for all the baby clutter, the badly needed bathroom repairs which will likely end up being a full remodel,  getting our affairs in order- insurance, wills, finances, etc. , the parenting classes I need to hurry up and sign up for in case I am put on bedrest before delivery. (Bedrest is very common in multiple pregnancies, about 60% of women are put on it before delivery.  The risk of bedrest starts increasing around 24 weeks.) There’s more on our project to do list but if I keep going on this rant I will need to get up and grab a brown paper bag for  hyperventilation!


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  1. It was great meeting up with you! I hear ya on the back pain 😦 It is ROTTEN! Hang in there and what I have found is that it doesn’t have to only get worse, it can get better and go back and forth. Once I realized that it was very comforting for me. The chiropractor, massage and the pool are great resources. Let me know if you want any contact info! Take it slow and steady, pick a small task each day and you’ll get it done! Once it is done oh trust me makes very happy! KIT

    • Thank you! I very much enjoyed meeting you too! I’m sorry to hear about your back/sciatica pain and hope you find some relief soon.

       I have a friend who is a massage therapist and will find out whether or not she does pregnancy massage; if not I’ll definitely be interested in a referral. Thanks for all your help and great advice! Take care! Kim

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