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week 19 – contemplating my navel

May 13, 2010

19 weeks! The babies are the size of mangoes! It’s time now to get serious on protein as next week their little brains start developing.  I saw a lower recommendation that seems more realistic, between 90 and 120 g/day. It’s still really hard to meet. I sure hope  I figure this out soon!

My belly button is starting to peek out. Well not really “out” more like part of it is flush with my tummy. Every morning I think I look a little bigger.

The backpain is still a drag. We bought more pillows, unearthed the heating pad, and I still plan to pickup a special pillow and support belt from Motherhood one of these days. I really should have bought some Motherhood stock when this all started, even with the benefit of a lot of hand-me-down maternity clothes, they are still making a fortune off of me.

Driving is getting awkward mostly because the angle is uncomfortable, though my belly isn’t rubbing the steering wheel just yet! (We’ll get some more recent belly pics up tonight hopefully so you can gasp at how huge I am! With 4 months more or less to go it is hard to fathom just how big I’m gonna get.)

Word has gotten around the neighborhood.  My poor, quiet, perfect next-door neighbor must be freaking out about the prospect of 2 babies next door screaming at all hours. What can I say other than the predictable line, “there goes the neighborhood!”


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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy. your almost halfway 🙂 take care.

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