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Fatigue and stretch marks

May 25, 2010

This week wore me out!  (Today is the last day of week 20) I had a volunteer steering committee meeting, consulting work to do, volunteer deadlines, and a meeting with a county official. I  was also supposed to go to my multiples group social but was feeling awful and just couldn’t get out of the recliner that evening much less get out.  I also nixed my initial thoughts of signing up at the last minute for a class on Friday. (The hospital I am likely to use separates classes into narrow topics so there are literally 7 classes in all that I want to take plus the 2 free ones through my health insurance.)

Granted all this activity may have worn me out, that and not sleeping great, but lately I really notice feeling drained of energy. Even walking from the house to my car feels like exertion, running errands feels like running a marathon, and when I sit down to rest in the late afternoon I find myself dozing in and out of sleep.

One thing I have been doing lots of is reading. I have quite the awesome library now. I’ve also been doing some shopping research and preliminary registry selections on-line. I’ve decided to go with the new cribs I had previously found as one of the books points out that safety recalls are so numerous and safety guidelines change so quickly that the easiest and safest thing is to buy a new crib (cribs in our case). I have also selected mattresses and made some progress on other items. We aren’t ready to buy yet, but it feels good to have decided on something. All the baby products out there and all the choices within each type of product are overwhelming to the point of dizzying.

John cooked up a storm this weekend so we have lots of leftovers. He wanted there to be plenty of nutritious food in the house ready to eat so that if I was too tied to fix something with the desired components of nutrition that I wouldn’t eat inadequately. (and so if we both were too tired to cook we wouldn’t be tempted to order pizza. It is really hard to religiously stick to my  nutrionist’s recommendations.  Her meal plan resembles a grocery store list: protein, egg, brazil nut, milk, fruit, vegetable, 2 grains- and that is one meal!! I don’t usually end up eating it all at once, her idea of a meal often ends up being broken down into a meal and a snack which more or less finishes it off. )

The doubled growth going on inside my belly is taking its toll, the stretchmarks I have already  are amazing, but it will be worth it.  I wasn’t likely to sport a bikini again anyway.   And of course I have much growing left to do! There are women who schedule reconstructive surgery right after birth; I imagine this is proportionally more prevalent in moms of twins but don’t really know. There is no room for cosmetic surgery in our budget, so I will just hope for the best and wear my mommy scars as a badge of honor.


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