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Kicking off week 21 with a Dr. appointment

May 26, 2010

I saw my doctor today. She was able to check their heartbeats with the doppler this time. 2 beating hearts! 🙂 One sounded like horses galloping (the girl) and his was lower pitched and slower. I’ll be going to my OB every 3 weeks now for awhile. I have an ultrasound next week, and will have those every 4 weeks for awhile. I filled her in on my increasing number of discomforts and symptoms which she believes are all normal. (for you pregnant gals out there eager to compare notes: increased back pain and acid reflux/heartburn, fatigue, and some TMI stuff that if you really want to know, send me a message. ) Naturally as I get bigger, I can expect to get more uncomfortable in a variety of ways.

Formerly everyday things are now painful, awkward, and exhausting. People around me don’t seem to get that. I guess they are thinking that I’m only 5-1/2 mos, but as my doctor said today, being pregnant with twins at 21 weeks is like being 25 weeks in a singleton pregnancy!! (that’s 6-1/2 months) Also, I think people are secretly comparing me to all the pregnant super-women they know. Like the woman they know who worked up to the day of her delivery, etc. To them I say, “ah, but was she carrying twins?!” Everyone keeps encouraging me to go on walks every day, like I’m a lazy couch potato if I don’t. Walking as I run my errands feels like plenty of exercise, and I’d rather wear myself out doing stuff I need to than using up my energy while walking in a pointless circle around the block!

For some reason the bigger my belly gets (and I swear it seems a little bigger every time that I look in the mirror) the more surreal all this seems. ( I don’t mean my body image, I’m actually getting quite used to the appearance of my pregnant self.) The fact that in 3-4 months we’ll have 2 little babies to care for is blowing me away. I hope we can handle it! It’s going to be really hard.  Little ones, we will try not to screw up too badly!!

Our name challenges continue.  A good friend recently had a baby boy and happened to choose the same name as the leading name on our boy list. We don’t have a leading name for the girl names list, and well, now we don’t for the boys list either. That’s ok , it’s an awesome name and I’m glad their son has it, there are plenty of other names out there! I have a feeling we will be finalizing the names in the hospital, post delivery.

I cannot definitively say whether I have felt them moving yet or not. That should happen and be more apparent in the next couple of weeks.

Next week is an ultrasound to monitor their growth. I’ll have these monthly for awhile until I reach the point where they do them even more often.


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  1. Sara AB permalink

    I definitely can sympathize with the fatigue. I was EXHAUSTED all the time with Linden, and she was just one, little 6 lb baby. You just keep doing your errand-exercise, and if anyone even LOOKS like they will recommend more exercise, you just hold your back and groan a little. Do a little pregnancy waddle, and they will shut right up.

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