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We have quickening!

May 31, 2010

I’ve been eagerly awaiting feeling the babies move around. I’ve felt sensations before that may or may not have been them, but this week they really picked up, so I’m sure it is them! At first it seemed to be only the right side (him) but then she joined in a day or so later. It kinda feels like bubbles or short flutters. Right now it’s fun; later it may feel like they are doing an in-vitro try out for a soccer team; hopefully not.

Some lovely newish symptoms giving me trouble include achy, swollen feet and ankles. While I was aware that swollen ankles are common in pregnancy,  I had no idea the top of ones feet could puff up like this!  I have one pair of shoes that I cram my feet into with the velcro positioned the loosest. Also, I think I have hemorrhoids. <sigh> Another common pregnancy ailment.

Strangers are coming up to me now, usually either other pregnant people or their significant others or a cashier or salesperson. Usually they open by asking when I’m due. I like to add that I’m carrying twins because nothing about my belly looks 5-1/2+ months pregnant! (Afterall, some pregnant women are just starting to show about now.)

Our big accomplishment this week was buying a car! We’ve been a 1 car household for a little over a year, and my car has not been running well.  Thus, we NEEDED something more reliable. This is also a thing to check off the preparing for babies checklist as one other detail about my car, John can’t sit in it with a carseat behind him. Additionally, it was a mindblock from emptying and redoing the basement floor because my car is too small to transport most of the remaining items down there. (we did take several loads in my little car a couple weeks ago.) We bought it Friday night and quickly put it to work by picking up a secondhand dresser at this awesome children’s consignment shop in Ellicott City on Saturday, and today took 2 carloads of stuff from the basement to my parent’s basement. There is only a little more down there to move.  Hopefully, John can get started on the floor next weekend.

Tuesday I have an ultrasound to check their growth. My mom is going to join me this time. Next week is the last week of month 5!


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