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It’s official- one of each!

June 2, 2010

We now know for 100% sure that she is a she! (His gender was not in question.) We have the fetal porn of each of them to prove it! 🙂
My parents went with me to my ultrasound yesterday. I’ve had this sonographer before and last time she was great, she was  not on her game today though. She actually seemed impaired, jetlag, hungover, sick? I can’t be sure, but she made several mistakes and even had to call me back as we were walking out the door because she forgot to measure something (Baby B’s heartrate!) I will be asking for the other sonographer next time, who I have also had before and was fine.

I suspect that my mom was not letting herself believe that Baby A was a girl until she saw those genitals for herself, and if so, she got her wish! I’m a bit relieved too, as I confess I hoped one of them would be a girl.  I think its not unusual for women to kinda want a girl and the men to kinda want a boy. Though of course we will love and cherish them regardless! I’m glad we have one of each. I think my suspicions about my late Grandmother and Grandfather (from different sides of the family) were up there conspiring and helping us. We plan to honor them both somehow when choosing the babies names. (I’m very psyched about being able to name a child after each of them!!) We’ll get to enjoy all of it, from the sparkly stuff girls seem innately attracted to, to studying bugs, landmovers, and the stuff boys tend to gravitate toward and everything inbetween. In an attempt not to be sexist, they will each be exposed to both and if he wants to play with dolls or dress up in mommy’s old clothes or if she is fascinated by mud and trucks, we are just fine with that, too. I look forward to it all! (ok, well, maybe not the sleep deprivation in those first months ) 🙂


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