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Our first of many classes

June 2, 2010

My HMO offers 3 overview “classes” which are free. One is an intro to pregnancy (which was LAME!), the 2nd is the birthing process, and the 3rd is on infant care. All of these are during the day so John cannot attend. Plus, I just don’t see how they can more than gloss over these large topics in the time allowed. Thus, in addition to these free classes, I sought out classes at the hospital we are likely to go to.  They  take  the opposite approach. They separate every conceivable topic into its own class.

Last night we took our first, and the only free one, on anesthesia. It did prove helpful. After going through natural miscarriage with no pain reliever whatsoever, I have no intention of being a martyr through this delivery. If I get to give birth as opposed to having a c-section, which admittedly is unlikely as my HMO will only attempt it if BOTH babies are head down, I definitely want something to take the edge off!  There was another lady there expecting twins (also boy/girl twins) which was cool, especially since she is further along than I am and apparently is not on bedrest.  I noticed that most of the couples seemed a lot younger than us. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised by that, but it was a bit jarring, as the older I get the more everyone else looks like teenagers. Anyway, the only drag was someone brought their sick husband, who of course was sitting right behind me, coughing, sneezing, and blowing his nose the whole time. They offer this class extremely frequently so I was annoyed that he would come and expose a room full of pregnant women with his germs. <keeping my fingers crossed that I do not get sick>

In addition to the free classes with my HMO and last night’s class, I signed John and I up for 4 other billable classes: infant care, pediatric CPR, breastfeeding and multiples.

I will also need to sign up for some sort of birthing class in the event I can give birth that way I will need to know what the heck I’m doing! This guy really stressed how helpful that would be for one’s “birth experience.” (I love that expression, it makes it sound like something you’d read in a tourism brochure.) Indeed, it will be a wild ride!


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