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Big foot and a few other common ailments; plus a baby sighting!

June 7, 2010

At the risk of sounding like an old lady complaining about her arthritis and various ailments, I wanted to post an update on some of my symptoms, as for me this is part of the adventure and most of these are really no more than an annoyance. It has been helpful to me to know what other women further along than me have been experiencing, both so I know what to expect, and maybe even what I can do to prepare or treat myself, and to be reassured that it’s normal.  Thus I feel it is important to share these things, or at least the ones that aren’t too gross, to hopefully help someone else.

My back has been a little better, thankfully, as that did indeed stink, and I’ve been sleeping close to 7  hrs a night, which is also improved. I have needed to spend a few nights in the recliner, though, as I cannot get comfortable lying down. Unfortunately, I can expect the backpain to get worse as I get bigger, but I will enjoy the reprieve while I have it!

The following new or old but increased symptoms don’t bother me much, at least not yet.  My feet have gone from being a little swollen to being marshmallow puffs!  For some reason my left foot is worse than my right and is often numb and tingly, and at times painful. They like to be propped up, but so still does my back and esophagus (to avoid acid reflux) so getting them above my heart is not realistic, but having them propped up seems to help. Standing for any length of time makes them grow like those slimy bug toys we had as kids that grow when you soak them in water.

The nosebleeds have gotten worse, too. I actually woke up in the middle of the night the other night due to the sensation of my nose bleeding.

On a more fun symptom note: my belly button continues to move outward. I wouldn’t call it an outy just yet, but it is on the move. Way cooler than that is that I feel the babies a lot!  They are supposed to sleep about 12-14 hours a day, but usually when I place a hand on each side of my belly button, I can feel one or both of them moving around. 🙂 Today for the first time I SAW one of them move, it was Baby A. She was probably demanding breakfast as Mom had trouble sleeping last night and at 4 am went to the recliner where I’d be more comfortable. I eventually fell back to sleep and woke around 9 am (which is past my usual breakfast time). Very neat and somewhat surreal to see!


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  1. LOVE watching them move! I was playing with my two this morning! They actually knocked the book almost out of my hands!

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