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Babies R Us R fun!

June 9, 2010

A friend with a not quite 4 month old was my shopping advisor as I registered at Babys R Us today. 🙂  I highly recommend asking a friend who is a mom of an infant to shop with you so you can get pointers; her advice was invaluable and was faster and easier than researching these items on my own, especially when you get down to the smaller items. (At some point do you really want to have to research every little thing? It was way faster and easier for her to point out the pacifier she likes and the benefits to different thermometers and swaddlers than having to research or “eenie meanie miney moe” these items.)

I haven’t put much on the registry yet, but the great information I got from her will help me as I make some final selections on-line. It’s a hard store to negotiate with swollen, sore feet because it is so big and inevitably you circle the store at least twice looking for particular items. Of course, chatting with a friend and being surrounded by  baby stuff is a great distraction from ones aching feet!  She gave me lots of awesome advice and her mom is a sweetheart for coming along and watching the baby while the 2 of us analyzed  babygear.


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