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Zantac is Grrrrreat! & Class 2 of 7 down

June 11, 2010

I had thought I was doing all right managing my heartburn/reflux issues with Tums and sitting up all the time, even while sleeping. However, my throat has been burning lately, proving otherwise. My OB said when Tums doesn’t cut it anymore to take an over the counter dose of Zantac once a day (and when that doesn’t work, twice a day, and when that doesn’t work she’ll prescribe the prescription strength.) I started on it the other day and wow, what a difference! Reclining too low didn’t result in instant problems and it may be unrelated, but I slept better, too. I guess it will take a while for my throat to heal but at least I’m not further irritating it.

I took my second class, Kaiser’s “free” class on all aspects of birth in just 2 hrs. As  I expected,  this was very glossed over but fortunately not a complete waste of time. I am a bit scarred from the birthing videos they showed. Yikes!


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  1. Poor thing, it is SOOOOO strange that my acid refux has gotten way better since I got pregnant, ummm yeah makes NO SENSE! But hey I’ll take it! Good luck

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