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Fun class, complete with babydoll!

June 18, 2010

Our first of 2 infant care classes went well last night.

Before the class I picked up John at work and said hello to his co-workers, who we only recently told our news.  While running an errand in the time we had before class started, I was accosted by a greeter at a local supermarket. “Boy or girl?”  she demanded. “Both,” I replied turning my head back toward her as I followed John into the store.  The cashier we had was also noticeably pregnant and asked when I’m due, and she didn’t even try to catch her jaw when I told her. But she recovered well when I told her I’m carrying twins.

The class was pretty good, and the babydolls make it fun!   I was glad to see that GBMC is racially sensitive as they had dolls of several races, though no-one cared which they had. We chose our seats and adopted whichever little bundle happened to be there. I was tempted to grab a second baby, but since all we really did with them was undress them, hold them, and swaddle them, this wasn’t necessary.  There was another lady expecting twins who was further along than me. (It’s great to see all these 7 or 8 month pregnant-with-twins moms- to-be up and about; I hope to be one of them, too!)

Like most of the classes they cover the basics, so we knew a fair amount of it going in, but it is nice to be reminded, and there were a few new details we picked up. There is so much we don’t know; I guess I expect the multiples class to be the most beneficial as far as providing practical information.


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