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Big momma

June 21, 2010

24wks, 5 days

Big Momma at 24wks, 5 days

My albeit big, baby bump is just plain huge!  I’m not feeling cute at all!Somewhere in the last week or 2 I crossed that line and think that now  I’m approaching the beached whale stage, well hopefully not beached. My cousin who works in the maternity/fertility field said I look about 9 mos. pregnant, if I was only carrying one, that is. It seems like I don’t eat quite enough and somehow, thankfully,  they still are growing like weeds.

This picture is from this past weekend,and was taken  at 24 weeks and 5 days.

I’ve been very tired, it could be due to the heat. I’m not getting a lot done during the day, but I try to do what I can. The babies move around more and more and I can usually feel and see them without needing to put my hands on my belly. 🙂 They are supposed to be able to hear now and respond to bright light, hot and cold.  I am supposed to talk as I go through my day, which is a hard habit to get into…. after years of trying to STOP talking to myself (result of previously living alone for awhile.)  Also my throat has been raw lately, I think due to the acid reflux, but my mouth breathing, especially at night, isn’t helping any.  My belly button is about 50% protruding out now, and my belly itches from all the stretching. The most nagging symptom right now is my feet. I can’t stand or sit very long without them getting more swollen and numb. They need to propped up almost constantly. I’m a bit uncomfortable but not in pain, so thank goodness for that!


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