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Eggplants! (25 weeks)

June 23, 2010

The heat is getting me. We have the AC set very low but its still hot upstairs. The basement is cool but nearly unfurnished as John has nearly emptied it out so he can refinish the floor. Also, since we discovered that we have mice <ick!> when I spotted one coming up from the basement in search of food, there is no friggin way I am hanging out in the basement no matter how cool it is!

The babies are supposed to be the size of eggplants now. (a different site said this before, but I am guessing before it was more like Chinese eggplants which are small and slender and now we are up to the big fat eggplants.)  I haven’t gained any weight this week, so I guess I’d better step up my food intake, but they are noticeably more active and at times it looks like they are doing the wave under my belly!

The heat, etc. have me pretty fatigued, especially in the sweltering afternoons. My errands are taking a lot out of me now; it’s just too hot. I was smart and ran today’s errands before 11 am, at which point it had already reached 91 degrees! The high tomorrow is supposed to be 99! <ugh!> I’m not sure what is up with this early, hot summer, but it’s really zapping me of energy. I’m rethinking my objections to a prenatal swim class, namely buying and being seen in a maternity swim suit. It would be good to get some exercise, back relief, and to cool off, though.


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