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The not fun part, but getting closer to the prize (prizes in this case)

July 4, 2010

With approximately 2 months to go, things are starting to get rough. I’ve lost track of how long its been since I’ve gotten a decent nights sleep, and while I had been napping, I’ve either been too busy or too wired lately to sleep during the day. (This was a hellish week, I did the eqivalent of overtime hours for Sierra Club working on our endorsement process and conducting interviews.)

My new and quite scary symptom is reduced lung capacity. It’s the worst at night when I’m in a less than fully upright posit ion, but also occurs during the day whenever anything that happens that reduces either air capacity or the sense of it, such as nosebleeds, congestions, post nasal drip, the heat, overexersion, and body positioning.

The recliner, actually its a stressless chair with an ottoman, that once was my sleep haven from the uncomfortably flat bed is now insufferable. I ‘m physically comfortable but as I start to dose, even with neck and head supported, my chin drops so that my already limited wind capacity is further cut off  and I wake up gasping for air and panicked. (they call this suffocation sensations, but it sure feels like more than just a “sensation.”) The babies are supposed to grow a lot over the next couple of months and I cannot imagine what it will be like as apparently they are already pressing up on my lungs.

Because I’m so uncomfortable lying down, I find I sit and stand more, making the swelling of my feet and the backpain worse. Yup, I think I’ve officially entered the uncomfortable stage of late pregnancy!

The important thing is that they seem to be growing well and whatever discomforts mommy has will be well worth it, as long as I don’t really suffocate of course!  I’m having fun watching them move around which is more and more noticeable.

John made some progress on the basement yesterday with the help of his mom and step-father, who worked their tails off prepping the floor for painting! This  space will then serve as my office and free up our 2nd bedroom to be the nursery. Getting that room cleaned up, painted, and set-up will be another projectg but lots more fun!!


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