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Sugar, ah Honey, Honey! (27 weeks)

July 6, 2010

I can tolerate glucose.  I mean, I can really eat me some sugar! Perhaps  I was hoping to do a pre-test today, as I was quite naughty and indulged in 2 hard-core treats. Or perhaps in my subconscious, I feared I might fail tomorrow’s glucose tolerance test so I’m overindulging now while I have the chance.

I wish I craved vegetables and protein the way I’m craving sweets lately.

Last week was truly hell. I needed most of the weekend to recover, it was too hot and I had too much scheduled. Tomorrow is a hell day, but at least its just one day. And it’s another day of over 100 degree heat. <ugh!> I have labwork at 10, my Dr. appointment at 10:30, class all afternoon, and a Sierra Club meeting that evening. Days like this make eating every 2 hrs or so, as I am supposed to, nearly impossible, as is taking a nap, which I am also supposed to be doing.

Thurs. night I have another meeting (evening meetings usually mean I get dinner very, very late and have to go too long without a meal.)

Saturday is my shower :). Sunday I hope to visit a bit more the family in town as well as our mini-pre-celebration  of our niece Sierra’s first birthday (Sierra’s birthday part 1). Next week includes our anniversary and a weekend chock full of classes. Sat. will be our multiples class and Sun. will be a 9 hr. marathon birthing class, if I can get us in.

John will also be eager to move my office into the basment and I will need to pack up and hopefully sort through and purge some of it, as well as the bonfire style pile in or living room, which consists of the remaining basment items. My office (a.k.a. the future nursery) is the hottest room in the house, so that will be an unpleasant chore indeed. Once it is emptied out though it shouldn ‘t take long to clean and paint the nursery and start setting it up. 🙂


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