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record heat continues- now without AC!

July 9, 2010

Extreme heat, stress, and sleep deprivation are not a pretty combo.(The past two weeks have been crazy in terms of what I’ve been juggling and the heat. Also, I continue to get between 3 and 6 hrs sleep a night and have not had time to take naps.)

What a year to decide not to renew our HVAC service contract! I’ve already lost count of how many days temps reached the upper 90’s and 100’s. This has got to be a record hot (and early) summer for the mid-Atlantic!

It figures that or AC would break just days after John moved all our remaining stuff out of the basement and piled it in a heap in the living room. It will not be easy for a contractor to get to our unit or the backdoor to go in or out. (or to the electrical box which is past the laundry and storage area where he and I have piled stuff so as to have less to move up the stairs as he works on the basement floor. <sigh>

A start capacitor is the likely culprit and some friends think we should be able to replace this ourselves on the cheap. I’ve researched this a bit and am not convinced that we (who am I kidding, I’m not attempting this!) that is, John can do it. I will discuss this with him when he gets up. I’m thinking of asking him to take the day off, which he hasn’t had in eons, as it will be a busy weekend (my shower is tomorrow and  he’ll be at a simultaneous male gathering, and we’ll be visiting with the family that came into town through Sun.) If he is unable to do this himself today then at least I can schedule a service call for Monday, hopefully. I suppose I could schedule one just in case and cancel if we don’t need it, depending on their policy on that.

I don’t know if being pregnant makes one feel hotter or not. I think everyone around here feels like they could fry an egg on their forehead, but it is more dangerous for pregnant women.  I gotta try not to overheat the babies!


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