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28 weeks! Still eggplants and moving a lot!

July 13, 2010

My little eggplants are moving a lot, you can sometimes see them move through my clothes! I spend entirely too much time staring at my stomach, but I find it mesmerizing!

With approximately 8 weeks to go, give or take, I’m beginning to panic about how much is left to do and my decreased ability to do it. Since both babies are head down, I do intend to take a birthing class, but since some of these classes run 6 or more weeks we are really cutting it close! I’ve read that if the first baby, that is, the baby closest to the cervix, is head down, a vaginal birth is fine no matter what the position of the second baby. The hospital I am likely to deliver at; however, has a two heads down policy with twins. I had thought it pretty unlikely, so I didn’t sign up for a class sooner. We also have two other classes coming up. Our rescheduled breastfeeding class and what I originally planned to be our last class, the multiples class, this Saturday. I’m looking forward to this class as it is the topic I have the most questions about and hope to gain the most practical tips from. We will try to prioritize our remaining to-do list items in case the babies come earlier than expected. Regardless, it won’t be long! 🙂


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