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I fear I may have already committed child abuse

July 15, 2010

John and I went to dinner and a movie last night for our anniversary. Some of you have seen our little guys in action but I’m telling you it was NOTHING like how they moved in the movies last night. It was the noise for sure, but whether they were being tormented by it I don’t know. I read that even concerts are ok, so I didn’t expect this. This was their loudest experience to date. They kicked through all but the quietest parts of the movie, I thought the people behind me would complain about my contorting belly being an unwanted, disturbing distraction. I tried to hold my hands over where I think their heads are, but doubt that, that helped much.They have never moved for more than seconds at a time before and not so intensely  either.

My poor little eggplants are likely to suffer again tonight. We bought my parents tickets to see BB King as a gift and are accompanying them. Between the noise and the heat (it won’t get much below 90 degrees even after the concert lets out, and its an outdoor concert, though at least we will be under a canopy.) I’m wondering if I should go at all. I hope the info. I’m reading is right and that this isn’t harmful to them. Otherwise, I am starting off as a bad mommy. 😦


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