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29 weeks and not feeling so fine

July 22, 2010
29 weeks

Exhaustion is setting in…. my gluttony for punishment in the form of volunteerwork has been adding to it. It is in full swing as our deadline is this week. After which, it should taper off.  I have warned them that as of Aug. 1 I am unavailable! In the meantime they are driving me nuts and stressing me out with last minute things. I am so done, I vow to never commit to anything like this again!!

My usual physical complaints continue and are a bit worse. I’ll take my late Grandma’s lead and list them for you, but just so you know, I never complain. 😉 Back pain, inability to get in a comfortable position especially to sleep (ah, sleep, I already miss it!), breathlessness/hyperventilating- this has not been limited to exertion, I have trouble breathing if I am not sitting up enough or don’t have a fan blowing in a warm room, swollen feet, and an ever present need for larger and larger clothing. I like how Suze put it, you can tell I’m carrying more than 1 baby now!

Johnny’s birthday was yesterday and he was a really good sport. I haven’t had much energy (or time thanks mostly to Sierra Club) to do the kind of stuff I normally would. I did make him rice krispy treats as requested, bought him a cherry pie and ice cream (his favorite), we went out for dinner to a place of his choosing, but it was really a carryout and I thought disappointing, and went for ice cream afterwards. Also, we accompanied my parents to see BB King last week, which was kind of a gift for John. I also gave him a small gift. But poor John had to spend 2-1/2 hours in a breastfeeding class on his birthday!  Meanie-pants prego- wife that I may be, I hadn’t planned it that way. Our July 5 class was cancelled due to lack of enrollment and rescheduled for the 21st. Of course after my birthday last year, we both have a greater appreciation for what constitutes a truly bad birthday. There were no catastrophies, no tears, and we got a little quality time together. Life is good.


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