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Dr.’s new orders: “take it easy”

July 24, 2010

I’ve been going to the doctor lately every 2 weeks, and the advice and questions had not changed much until yesterday. For the first time my doctor is recommending that I slow down!

At 29+ weeks, she reminded me that my uterus is just about the size of a full term uterus carrying one baby! (in the previous post, you can tell that my belly is too!)  I am supposed to watch for signs of pre-term labor and take it easy. She actually did throw out the word bedrest in such a way that I don’t entirely know what to make of it. “I hate to use the word bedrest, but take it easy.” She also said I should do what I feel like I can and no more. (but I am superwoman! At least in between naps.)

I have been pushing myself lately, mostly because doing what I have been doing as far as housework (ok, no laughing anyone that has been over in the last couple of months; you don’t see mold on the walls do you?!) volunterwork, etc.  takes more out of me now. but my body does revolt at times and demand rest.

So if she doesn’t want to use the word, I presume that I am not officially on bedrest.  (Which is good because the bed is the least comfortable place I can think of!) I will try to heed her orders to slow down and take it easy, but ugh; I still have so much to do!!!!

I asked about recording baby movements as I read that at this stage I should probably be doing that. I am now supposed to check that I feel 10 movements in an hour for each baby, every day. This morning they were both cooperative, but in general it has been harder for me to feel his movements and he is situated in such a way that I cannot always tell if a movement is his or hers. She is higher up and to my left, so I often see her swimming around. It is so fun to watch them move! I have a half decent video that I will get on here, or perhaps we’ll get a better one in the meantime.

My doctor hopes I will make it to 38 weeks, which is very unlikely, but the closer I get to that the better for the babies. I’m hoping they’ll stay in until at least 35 weeks, Aug. 31, which is the average for twins. In the unlikely event that I have not had them by 38 weeks, Sept. 21, I will either be induced or have a scheduled c-section depending on their position and who is on duty at the hospital. (for liability reasons, some doctors do not like to attempt to deliver twins naturally.)

On Friday, which will be 30-1/2 wks, I have another ultrasound. Unless they have me start to come in more often, there will probably only be 1 more ultrasound after this one! John is joining me for this one. I hope they are nice and big!


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