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Jinxed? – 30 weeks

July 30, 2010

First my hubby jinxed me by telling someone how much better my back had been, and then my doctor ordered me to take it easy and alluded to bedrest. (but said I can do what I feel like I can do. Fortunately, I am pretty good as listening to my body. )Then I had 2 really bad days in a row, so bad that one night I thought I might be in preterm labor and would have to go to the hospital.

Then miraculously I felt loads better and the next day was able to run some errands.

The cooler temps are helping my breathing, though I fear that may also be due in part to one or both of the babies dropping.  I hope to find out Friday at my ultrasound if that is the case. Babies drop up to a month before labor, but that is at the maximum, and my doctor would like them to stay in over a month.

My energy is fine so long as I’m not on my feet long, which I have a shrinking tolerance for. I ‘m starting to have John pitch in with shopping as  I can’t comb the aisles of the big stores with the ease I once took for granted. The house is a wreck and I can’t do much about it, and to add to it, we seem to have another mouse, so we have more mouse-proofing and cleaning up to do. <sigh>. (BTW, I discovered this while trying to clean! Since the nesting instincts have not manifested in energy or motivation, only panic, I was psyched that I was taking action. Stopping in my tracks at the sign of mouse poop in, of all places, a tiered inbox I have on the top shelf of a free standing wire shelving system. How or why he got in there who knows. Since I’m weirded out by the diseases they carry including some that you can get from exposure to their poop, I had to leave that for John and moved onto another room, where I found a mouse dropping on my dresser.  Any motivation I had to clean was then squelched.

I’m hoping we can get some stuff moved into the basement this weekend which will free up room elsewhere in the house and make it look a lot better. The nursery hopefully won’t take too long to paint and get ready, and accomplishing those 2 things will be a big relief, even though there will still be many more things to do.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at my next appointment the words bed and rest aren’t used in tandem.


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