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To C-section or not?

August 5, 2010

I still haven’t found out from my doctor whether the other doctors on her team will deliver twins naturally if both are head down or if just the first one is head down. She did finally pose the question to them, so I should know in 2 weeks at my next appointment.

She said that if they do deliver the first baby naturally they try to hold the second, and he’s a squirmer! (during the last ultrasound he flipped from head down to breech to sideways)  There is no guarantee that they can prevent him from moving. If he does manage to move, they won’t turn him, the hospital (or more accurately the hospital’s legals department’s) policy in that situation is emergency c-section.)

A natural birth would be nice because the recovery time will be shorter, and the sooner I am up and able-bodied the better. These little squashes, as they are now, will need lots of tending to. On the other hand, going through vaginal birth AND having a c-section sounds like hell! Imagine if I also needed an episotomy! Not exactly the kind of all experience adventure one would hope for. There is so much pressure from this hospital for c-sections, if it weren’t for the fact that my medical team is HMO staff rather than hospital staff, I wouldn’t have an option, they do cesarean delivery for ALL twins, which is atypical from what I am reading on-line. I’m a little surprised, as I would think surgery such as c-sections would have considerable liability risks of its own. The prospect of having BOTH forms of delivery is making me lean toward letting them operate. That’s probably the reaction they were hoping for. <sigh> As it gets closer, I may not have the option, as both babies need to be head down, at least initially, before they’ll “allow” me to deliver there naturally.

I would be glad to hear of others experiences with wrestling with this decision, especially those of you with twins.


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