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Only weeks away! (a typical day at 8 months or 32 wks!)

August 10, 2010

Average for twins is around 34 /35 weeks, so it really is getting close!

My belly feels tight and heavy, and the babies seem to have lowered. I have very little stamina, which could be regular old late pregnancy with twins or due to the anemia, which by the way my doctor says gets worse not better!  The best I can hope for with the supplements is to keep my iron levels stable.

My days have been getting less and less productive, and I am getting very overwhelmed at the long list of undone items. Unfortunately, most of these are quite physical (errands, cleaning, packing and moving stuff, etc.) which I can barely do at all.

My typical day lately is quite pathetic.  Here is a snapshot that represents the last few days:

4 a.m.: wake up with dry throat from mouth breathing because my nose is

stuffed up. Sip water and attempt to go back to sleep; am too tired to get up just yet.

4:15 a.m. muse on baby names while I try to go back to sleep

4:30 begin to drift off but awaken with acid reflux, sit up abruptly until it settles, adjust pillows which have slid down, propping myself into a sitting position.(repeat like 15 times)

5:00 too tired to get up; too awake to sleep

6:50 alarm goes off, I am still awake. Nudge hubby.

7:00 alarm goes off again, nudge hubby more persistently

7:10 alarm goes off a third time; more insistently nudge hubby. He gets up. I turn off alarm and fall asleep soon after he leaves the house for work.

9:30ish I awaken having added 2 more hrs. sleep for a total of about 6.5 ( a significant improvement BTW!)  I am too groggy and tired to get up.  However, I am thirsty and hungry and in need of my acid reducer pill. I promise myself I’ll get up in 10, then 20, then 30 minutes. I feel the babies move around, contorting my stomach uncomfortably, like in Aliens right before they burst out of her stomach. The babies are probably demanding food. I am wishing I kept 2 glasses of water by the bed as I am thirsty, my glass is empty, and paranoia sets in about whether or not I just felt a contraction. (contractions and pre-term labor can be set off by dehydration). I know I should get up and  eventually do, to “feed the babies.”

10:10 I get my butt downstairs and drink some water with an iron pill chaser. Fix breakfast even though I’m really supposed to have the iron pill on an empty stomach because I nor the babies want to wait an hour to eat. I am careful; though, not to have anything with calcium for 2 hrs. In an hour I can take the heartburn medicine.

10:40 I get on the computer while I eat, which I know is a mistake as it zaps time away from me. I manage to break away from the screen to do something on my to do list.

11:10 I need to sit down and rest for a few minutes before resuming physical activity.

11:40 I realize it’s too hot now to work on packing up and cleaning the den, soon to be nursery, which is on the top floor, so instead go back to wasting time on the computer, etc.

12:00 p.m. make my umpteen millionth to-do list

1:00 realize I haven’t eaten in a few hours and go looking for lunch

1:30 realize that while I had searched for food, I didn’t actually eat anything. Return to kitchen and repeat.

2:00 Starving and find something to fix myself for lunch.

2:30 Crap, where did the day go!  Attempt to do something else productive. If I am successful, I may require an hour-long nap afterward.

5:00ish get up, drink some water, and shower.(better late than never)

6:00 p.m. John gets home, greets me, and then gets on his computer. He comes down and complains about our messy house and wishes it would burn down. We discuss our plans for the week, the days events, etc.  Some nights he fixes me dinner. (Sometimes I fix him dinner, though a lot less often lately.)

7:00 Depending on my productivity during the day, I may have a little energy left to tackle another to-do item or 2.

10-11:00 Get ready for bed. Look over John’s shoulder as he reads his blogs and news on his laptop. Baby girl pummels her daddy where the sides of his and my belly touch.

11:30-12:00 a.m. lights out.


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