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33 weeks; like an ent but with a waddle

August 18, 2010

I’ve been panicked and overwhelmed with the feeling that they are coming SOON. Every time I stand up I feel gravity doing its worst. I really needed to do a food run today and did not feel up for it at all. I dragged myself through 2 grocery stores a little like an ent but with a waddle.  Everytime I feel like I am overdoing it, I hear my Dr. and her incoherent advice, “I hate to use the word bedrest, but take it easy….” What in the heck does that mean?! I presume if she wanted me on bedrest she would say so. And indeed she did say she didn’t want me to just lie around and get stiff. But what is her idea of taking it easy? This from the woman who only a few weeks ago wanted me to walk every day. I will see her Thursday and will ask, but when she said it before I felt pretty ok. Now I physically just can’t do certain things. Standing and walking are becoming chores. I guess it’s no wonder. My babies have been measuring 2-3 weeks bigger than average, and average for 33 wks is the size of a cantelope! So I am carrying around 2 very large cantelopes plus all the extra fluid and stuff and man oh man I feel it!

While naturally I am not as productive as I had been, we managed to get several things accomplished this week. The room that was my office and will be the nursery is emptied, except for the closet. It will be painted later in the week. Thanks very much to those who either helped with that room or the basement (which made room for the stuff in the other room)!!  John really knocked himself out, and now his body is getting him back as he seems to be coming down with something. We applied for health insurance for the babies. I started getting ahead on some of our bills, and buying some of the items I need for the hospital. Today, I nearly finished my thank you notes.

Still left: cleaning, laundry, buying supplies and equipment (some of it pressing), typing up my birthplan, packing my bag for the hospital, finishing the Lamaze video just in case we can give birth naturally, a variety of things around the house, and tying up loose ends with my very PT consulting.

Please stay in there little ones, you aren’t ready yet! (& neither are Mommy and Daddy).

We have LOTS more to do, and I was depending on John to do most of it, and it looks like he is coming down with a cold. Usually he is able to do an impresive Rip Van Winkle impersonation and be largely over it. Ah, to sleep like that! I’m jealous!


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