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34 week blimp!

August 25, 2010

I had remarked once that I FELT like a life-size weeble-wobble. Well, thanks to an unfortunately placed mirror, I noticed that I now look like one, too! (photo coming soon)

We are getting so close! After this week the doctor said that if I go into labor they won’t try to stop it! Of course, there is no telling when that could be. But it means that at the earliest we are talking Aug. 31 and at the latest Sept. 21, when I would either be induced or given a c-section.

I wanted to mention a clarification on all my previous posts. When I said “natural birth” I was referring to vaginal birth, not unmedicated birth. I want meds! I’m just not sure that I want to be sliced open. I thought the word “natural” sounded better and perhaps was less oogy for our friends and family reading this (particularly the men) but hadn’t considered that it could imply  a different meaning than I had intended.

John is nearly done painting the nursery! 🙂 Next we will put all our stuff away; hopefully it will all fit! My biggest accomplishment so far this week is picking out (well sort of) 2 pack n plays. My G-d, there are HUNDREDS of them, Babies R Us alone has about 100,and just when you think you’ve found a great one you read several reviews making you reconsider. This was almost as bad as on-line shopping for the right car model! Ultimately I chose the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard – Barcelona Bluegrass mostly because it matches the travel lite version of the same name.(silly, I know but the half dozen or so including this one that I narrowed it down to were so similar that I figured why not.) I wanted one super portable one and one with more features including the diaper changing station.  I’m a little concerned as some of the reviews report that the diaper changing area tilts when in use; hopefully it will work out because I’m sick of looking!

Thank goodness it’s less hot because I have zero tolerance for heat now that I’m 8.5 mos! My energy is understandably more depleted as well. But for the record, that is NOT why I wear PJs around the house most days. I have one dress that I wear all the time and I need to save it somewhat  because even though I wash it frequently,I also get food on it frequently. (I suspect that I could accurately guess a how far along a pregnant woman is by the location of food stains on her shirt.) I’m too stubborn to buy more clothes when I could literally go into labor next week, so I will make do until T-day. (twins day).

My doctor appointment next week, the 35 week exam, includes lots of funness. For you prego readers, at 35 weeks you can look forward to a strep culture, yes, down there, and a cervical exam. Also next week is my final regularly scheduled ultrasound! (short of any impromptu Dr. appts or admittance to the hospital) The initial vaginal or c-section birth decision will be based on their positions during this ultrasound!!!


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  1. John permalink

    I’ve been using the term “regular delivery” to avoid reference to the crochal area in polite conversation.

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