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eve of 35 weeks!!

August 30, 2010

My Doc said that if I go into labor after 34 weeks, she won’t try to stop it. That is <gulp!> tomorrow! On the one hand I’m excited to meet them and ready for some of the pregnancy nuisances to end, but on the other I want to make sure they are physically ready and also would like a little more time to get things done before they get here. I get so little done in a day that I know it won’t all get done, but the more time to get prepared the better. I can tell I’m anemic again now. Earlier the symptoms were subtle. The whites of my eyes are really white, few capillaries showing and my energy is very low. I have loads of new or exaggerated symptoms, but they fall into the TMI cateory, so I guess I won’t post about them other than to say my brain is too wired and body too achy to sleep at night, and my brain and body are too tired to function especially during the day and evening. When I am wired enough to get up and take advantage of the insomnia energy burst I do, but sometimes I’m too awake to sleep and too sleepy to get up. Similarly I’m too achy to stand or walk much at all, gravity and the weight is really uncomfortable. Yet sitting, lying down, etc. are uncomfortable too. <sigh> The heartburn and nosebleeds are worse and the TMI stuff is a major pain, literally. The size of my belly is quite impressive, too. 2 days ago we measured it. It’s hard to appreciate in pictures, but for the curious among you, take a tape measure and make a loop of 52 inches and that my friends is how much belly I have.( no butt included) It is literally more than twice my high school waist size!




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