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Asshole in an elevator

September 1, 2010

The books, particularly the twins books warned that this would happen. That some callous stranger would say something unbelievably awful and upsetting. They predicted it would be along the lines of how huge one gets when carrying more than one baby, but the book examples ran the gamit, from,”Did you know you are in the highest divorce rate group?” to personal probes about the conception, etc.

So I’m leaving my doctor appointment today, in a reasonably good mood in spite of the lack of air conditioning in the exam room and painful probing for the strep culture, and join a father and son waiting for the elevator. The boy looked about 9 or so. The father lets me get on first, and then remarks, “Is that gray hair I see?” Keeping it friendly I chuckle and say, “yes.” He looks at my belly and I add “premature of course,” with another forced chuckle. “He then asked,”Did you think this through?” Excuse me, but WTF?! He continued, telling me that he was 37 when he ‘got the call’ (or some similar expression, I don’t recall exactly).  I said,” that’s about what I am.” He then informed me, in front of his son, that he hadn’t been consulted.  Thankfully the doors opened and as we got off I politely remarked for his son’s sake, that it looks like it worked out very well for you. He, thank G-d, agreed. While walking to my car it really sank in how uncool this was. What I wished I’d said was, “Well, we thought this through very well when I was 36, but I lost that baby. Now I’m 38 and happily expecting.”

I know I shouldn’t let the jerk ruin my day, which other than a good night’s sleep at long last, hadn’t been such a great day anyhow. I stopped off for Zantac and comfort food on the way home. I think my food choices might have been better had I not let this guy get to me and been feeling sorry for myself. I feel for his kid, having an insensitive father who makes remarks like that (probably repeatedly) must suck.


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  1. john permalink

    I don’t think he “thought through” opening his mouth.

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