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OK; I’m done.

September 12, 2010

It’s amazing how one little baby head digging into my inner thigh and some worsened reflux is enough to make me raise the white flag. The baby head issue means I have a lot of pain while trying to walk, moving and lifting that leg, etc. Our townhouse has lots of stairs. I sleep and usually eat on the main level which has no bathroom, so while I try to limit trips up and down the steps, sooner or later I have to, and every step is exrutiating. I’m lucky that I’ve only had this level of misery for a few days, but I’m crying, “Uncle!” The babies are just 2 days shy of term for twins, actually depending on who you ask they may already be term for twins.  So I hope they will make their debut SOON! (or at least that she’ll move her head.) The funny thing is, the way they are positioned I have 1 and a half babies on my left side and only his head on my right side.  This is especially odd since he started off on the right side where he had plenty of room. It’s 10 days until my scheduled c-section, which is sounding far off right now, but I know it won’t be long. Of course that will cause pains of its own, but I will be allowed to take pills for that!


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