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About me

Welcome to my blog; I’m Kim.  I live in Maryland. I was 37 when I got pregnant, and  I will turn 38 at the start of my second tri-mester.  I started this blog to have an outlet for voicing my experiences, particularly in the early weeks when we had not shared the news with anyone.  I hope my experiences are useful to other moms-to-be who are older and/or are carrying twins, and I also hope to learn from others going through their own “advanced maternal age twin pregnancy.”  It will also be a way for me to journal my experiences in this adventure, and for loved ones to follow our adventure or to catch up on the secret life we led in the first several weeks.

In order to give you the background about us and this pregnancy I need to give a little detail on some unfortunateness that preceeded it. (and I get into some details so for the queasy, FYI, I had a miscarriage, go ahead and skip the next paragraph or  2 if you want.)

My husband and I both very much wanted a child. We were pregnant last year but sadly I miscarried at 11 weeks. I did that naturally, BTW, which I definitely do not recommend. My doctor at the time, who was a masochist, among other complaints I have,  had not prescribed pain pills, so when the big contractions came I was in agony. I  had 2 trips to the hospital, first for pain, which subsided by the time I was taken to the hospital & they did the preliminary workup they do before they’ll administer drugs. Then the next day because I had passed out from blood loss. The nurses were pushing a D and C, as had the staff the day before. I knew the contractions were over, and didn’t think this was necessary or relevant any longer. I had lost between a quarter and a third of my blood. (I know this because they had taken my blood count earlier in the week after the diagnosis, but after I had been bleeding for a few days, and again in the hospital and weekly thereafter. )I was on the edge of needing a transfusion, but the doctor on call decided I was  a hair below the criteria and not to do it.  She also cleared a large clot that I was not passing and was holding the cervix open. This clot contained the embrionic sac. Thus, this doctor concluded I did not need a D and C. She was great, calm, knowledgeable, and took the time to really talk to us. I decided then and there that if we got pregnant again, she was going to be my doctor, and she is.  I was on bedrest for over a week and gradually recovered from the anemia for the several weeks afterward.

I was told that we could start trying again to conceive after a few months. I waited a little longer because I didn’t have a cycle per se, I had totally unpredictable bleeding that would come and go but usually would last much longer than a period.  Eventually it started normalizing, though I never did get to the point where they were “regular” or predictable, which made calculating my ovulation cycle quite tricky. (Which I recommend doing to ensure you don’t miss any “important” days.)

Long story short, we were able to do this naturally, that is, no fertility treatments. Though my husband and I experienced some frustration as it seemed to take awhile to get pregnant. The emotional rollercoaster of trying, hoping, thinking you are, and finding out you are not pregnant is very draining. (We literally were on the verge of giving up.) It was only after becoming pregnant again that I learned that if one conceives in  6 months or more after a miscarriage the odds of miscarrying again are decreased. It was close to 8.

We were SHOCKED to learn that I am carrying twins! I am convinced this is a result of my ovulation never normalizing; I must have released 2 eggs.  This of course makes my pregnancy even more high risk. We are quite delighted and hopeful, though a tad overwhelmed.

I’d like to encourage expecting moms  of twins, to submit  comments on your own experiences.

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