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Babies R Us- not as fun in the 3rd trimester

July 30, 2010

You’d think a store that largely caters to pregnant women would lay out their store in a manner more friendly to them! The biggest problem is the restrooms are all the way at the back of the store!

Also, you’d think a huge store like them, that serves pregnant women who cannot be on their feet long or who may even be on restricted activities, would have a couple of scooters. (John teased me about getting me one awhile back when we were shopping in BJs Warehouse, but now that I’m huge and having trouble doing that much standing and walking, I don’t see them anywhere I shop.) Since there are none, if one can’t walk the equivalent of half a mile from going from front to back of the store over and over again trying to find stuff, you are SOL. And the need to do so is likely because even on the registry printout the aisle numbers they refer you to are often incorrect, if the product is even really on the shelf as they claim.

The only places to sit are at the front by the registry desk and in the back where they are selling recliners and rockers.

A sneaky promotion got me to make a special trip there.  When the true details of the ad were revealed in store, suddenly it didn’t seem like such a bargain. While I was there I did pick up a few things from the registry that I knew I could only get in  a store, as opposed to on-line, but forgot to ask for the twins discount! (my bad.)  I purposely didn’t get much, as  I can use more coupons if I spread my purchases out, since you are limited to 1 per visit. (You do get coupons from joining their rewards program, and I have gotten some as inserts with gifts that were purchased for us on-line.) I will actually be in the area tomorrow as the ultrasound lab is nearby and I can use another coupon then. I intend to stick to the front of the store only since I will only be buying an item or 2 anyway. I’ll save the rest of the stuff for another day and another coupon. (See, I’m using my noodle.)


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